Anita Tsoy has changed after injury

Anita Tsoy has changed after injury Anita Tsoy after a serious injury received during the performance numbers in the "Circus with stars" for a while and was forced to leave the project.As soon as the singer was better, she came back and never ceases to amaze colleagues with unexpected transformations.The first thing the actress threw a party for his return. The birthday girl had fun in a corset: Anita still hasn't recovered from the fatal fall on his back during the execution of the trick.Doctors generally banned the singer to continue to participate in the project, but Choi insisted. Now the actress is trying to work on a relatively simple rooms, so as not to overload the spine. Having mastered clowning, Anita decided to go to the pyrotechnic tricks.Along with the illusionist Anton Krasilnikov singer had rehearsed the room, where the "power of thought" in her hands light up rose. Even more spectacular, this room was because Anita has changed appearance. "Lady of fire" with bright blue eyes is really impressive.As for the trick, it is all quite simple: in a flower embedded device that needs to be put into action at the right time.However, during the performance, Anita pushed the button, the flame has flashed so much that immediately spread her hands."It happened in seconds! says Choi. I am very scared, " admitted Anita after the speech. - Finished the room, I immediately went to the dressing room and put his hand under the stream of cold water.".

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