Sobchak pumped lips for the party with Paris Hilton

Sobchak pumped lips for the party with Paris HiltonScandalous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak was properly prepared for the ceremony of delivery of awards MTV - pumped lips before meeting with Paris Hilton.After surgery to change the shape of the nose, which Ksenia Sobchak four months ago, made in America, the media personality decided to change more and lips.In order to give himself more sexuality, She ventured another experiment to enter in the upper lip biopolymer gel.In the secular parties are already suggesting that .. worked well especially before the ceremony of delivery of awards MTV. Still, because she will go on stage with Paris Hilton, with which compare it for so long. And on this day she could not fall behind "blonde in chocolate" and another leading show of Masha Malinovskaya!GelAs it became known "TD", the procedure to increase the volume of the leading "House-2" has made during the holidays in Monaco. Combined business with pleasure and returned refreshed.- Biopolymer gel that was introduced, does not cause allergies, gives the effect of light swelling and resolves within 3-6 months, " explained "TD" Ekaterina, leading specialist of the beloved Metropolitan salon Sobchak.In "lured" by Ksenia salon on don't blame her. Especially because of the new shape of the lips, She can still refuse.After 6 months, if the shape of the lips can make a correction or to wait until the drug is completely absorbed, commented to us in the cabin. But first the correction result is visible already after two days. By this time, pass the needle marks, the gel is distributed and takes the desired shape.GirlfriendKsenia now looks just amazing, all the changes she's only good, " commented the new way fighting friend Ksenia Borodina.The ward socialite from the TV project "Dom-2" - blonde Olga Buzova - from new look Sobchak also only positive emotions.- Some little flaws that must be removed, it was removed and now looks just gorgeous, " says Olga. - In the plastic, the worst thing is to overdo it. And she did it all quietly, neatly, very nice... why not?! I don't like that in Russia all stars such changes are trying to hide. I think that hiding it is not worth it. Source: Sobchak pumped lips for the party with Paris Hilton.

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