Valeria broke off relations with her husband

Valeria broke off relations with her husbandSestokas spouse in society charming foreign women, singer Valeria broke off their relationship and left him for another.How did you find "the house", the actress learned that her husband was cheating on her with some English, sestokas them together in a compromising situation. Brazen infidelity and became the last straw that broke the patience of Valeria.Revenge singer found a charming young lover - a handsome Englishman. Relations with the new favorite of romantic flirtation quickly escalated into a furious passion.However, the disappointment came as fast as and feelings. Spunky the alien soon got bored with Valerie, and she decided to put him out the door. After some time in London, the singer accidentally met Englishwoman caught the mistress of her husband. The friendship of the two women was so strong that they both kicked their lovers. Disappointed in men, girlfriends do not waste your time on trifles. All the while desperate friend was preparing a daring robbery of one of the largest banks...ShootingDuring the filming of the new video for the song Party Is Over Valerie had to play 30 roles and try on almost 60 different images. The shooting took place in one of the pavilions of the famous London Studio. Director Harvey B., usually working with Hollywood stars, was delighted with the acting Russian singer.Valeria has played as a professional actress - confessed "TD" Harvey, B.Brown. And played just fine! Source: Valeria broke off relations with her husband.

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