Spy pranks Justin Timberlake

Spy pranks Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake, despite the relatively young age, has tried himself as a singer and actor. Now the record of the artist will add another profession - Executive producer.Justin Timberlake is engaged in a new project channel MTV, which in the announcements is characterized as "the real life Identification of Bourne. The reality show, which will regularly appear on air, called "Phone" (The Phone).Each series will begin the same way: two secret phone simultaneously calling in different parts of the big city, writes Us Weekly. Heroes "Phone" are those who take the liberty to answer the call."Mysterious leader gives participants five seconds to decide whether they want to participate in the game and win huge amount of cash", - tells about a new show in a press release.Then the players work against each other, performing various tasks. Participants remain in touch with the invisible leader who communicates with them on a mobile phone and top of their actions see from a helicopter.The premiere of the new show spyware with real passions in the spirit of the film "the Bourne Identity" is scheduled for autumn this year. The format of reality is not original - the Americans borrowed the idea from the Dutch. By the way, in the Netherlands the project is named exactly the same.In General, the format of reality over the years, becoming more common on television. Many of these shows have been successful in different countries, such as the famous "Big brother". Somewhere coming up with new original formats. In Russia such shows have become "House-2", "Hunger" and "12 little Indians".And shows like "the Phone" a few years ago and went to Russia on STS channel. The program was called "the call", the rules were similar, and the winner awarded 250 thousand rubles. Source: Spy tricks of Justin Timberlake.

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