Nude photos of Carla Bruni sold for $91 thousand

Nude photos of Carla Bruni sold for $91 thousandPhoto Nude first lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, auctioned at Christie's in new York for 91 thousand dollars, almost 30 times more expensive than the pre-sale estimate, according to RIA Novosti."The photo was purchased by an anonymous dealer sells in our hall for a Chinese private collector," said Rik pike, PR-Manager of the auction.Staged black-and-white photo by photographer Michel Comte was made in 1993 when he was a professional model Carla. According to the plan he imitates a painting by Georges Seurat "Model" written over 100 years before this photo. Initially this portrait was intended for social advertising against AIDS.It was assumed that the picture will be sold for 3-4 thousand dollars."This increase in the value of this lot is explained, of course, to those who it represented, it caused an increased interest of the world media to this photo, which, of course, is reflected in market price," said pike.In total, the auction was put up about 140 photographs from the collection of the German collector Gert Elfering. Elfering is one of the world's largest photography collectors of the 20th century. His collection more than once exhibited at Christie's, bringing to the owner millions of dollars. From the current collection, he expected to get to 3 million dollars, but the sales price amounted to almost 4.2 million dollars. Source: Nude Photo of Carla Bruni sold for $91 thousand.

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