On the soloist `Leg cramp` was attacked by a tick

On the soloist `Leg cramp` was attacked by a tickThe soloist of the band "Nogu Svelo" max Pokrovsky had to go to the doctors to remove clinging tick. Mite controversial 39-year-old singer picked up at the cottage in the village of Tabola Ruza district.Dangerous insect artist discovered immediately, but only on the third day. By this time, Maxim has developed fever, appeared drowsiness and fatigue. Relatives speculated that the cause of sickness can become a tick - in the suburbs they are now mobbed.Bloodsucker Maxim found on the lower back. At first he tried to remove it myself, but then decided to go to the doctors. Fortunately, the tick was not infected with encephalitis, the newspaper "Your day". Source: the soloist "Nogu Svelo" attacked mite.

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