The lead singer of Nickelback banned to drive a car

The lead singer of Nickelback banned to drive a carThe court forbade the lead singer of the canadian band Nickelback Chad the Kroger drive the car throughout the year and sentenced the musician to a fine in the amount of $ 588 for drunk driving.Himself kröger with the court's decision does not agree and intends to appeal, according to the website Gigwise.Police arrested Kroger for drunk driving in June 2006. Then he seriously exceeded the speed behind the wheel of his red Lamborghini. It was later revealed that the musician had drunk before you get in the car.Note that the canadian justice was much more merciful to the rockers than American. So, in late April, the vocalist of Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland for drunk driving was sentenced to 8 days in jail. Source: Nickelback Singer was forbidden to drive a car.

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