Participants `Home-2` work donated prizes

Participants `Home-2` work donated prizesOn Valentine's Day the participants of the reality show "Dom-2" was looking forward to the announcement of the results of the audience voting, because at stake was the apartment in Moscow. New housing eventually went to Olga "the Sun" Nikolaeva.As it turned out, actually for the sake of the apartment the Sun will have gone to all this trouble. Unknown to the viewers the secrets of the luxury prizes that reward the participants of the reality show, the Sun revealed during a visit to his native Penza.Was won in another contest home the Sun has not even seen, writes "KP-Penza. And awarded on 14 February, the keys will not soon be used for its intended purpose."The apartment still need to buy," she says. - I will give money with a net of 35% tax to the state. The amount received is not enough, so we have to borrow money from the Bank".When the apartment will still be available to her, to live there the Sun will likely be one. With her boyfriend Vitaly Kozlovsky she broke up a few days ago."Most likely, this final decision. Vitali we just friendship. I don't want to fool any viewers or participants, " said Sun. Although acne was not ready to such turn of events. He hoped that our relationship in this way will continue in the future". Source: the Participants "Houses-2" work out donated prizes.

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