World celebrates international Museum day

World celebrates international Museum daySunday world celebrate the international day of museums. May 18, the Museum will be free to take all comers, and on Saturday many museums worked until midnight. Visitors have prepared a special program.According to Reuters, Russia completed the "Night of museums". Only in Moscow last night and tonight for free worked 130 museums. So, the Bulgakov House organized a dramatized tour of Bulgakov's Moscow, which began in the morning. In addition, the city's Central district continues to work unusual exhibition "Masterpieces on the streets of Moscow". On the facades of the houses you can see a copy of the most famous paintings stored in the Pushkin Museum. Under each copy of the posted phone number, call that, visitors could listen to all the information about the painting and its author.On red square held an evening ceremony of divorce on foot and horse guards of the presidential regiment. It usually takes place on Saturdays at noon at the Cathedral square of the Kremlin. Under ringtones military marches performed by the presidential orchestra, the audience was shown marching techniques of gun ownership and the so-called horse carousel, specify "Lead.". Furthermore, additional divorce ceremony Hiking and horse guards of the Presidential regiment on 18 may at 12:00.This year, the first guard divorce took place in the Kremlin on April 19. The ceremonial guard mounting participate the honor guard, honor Cavalry escort of the Presidential regiment band of the Federal security service of Russian Federation.For the first time this spectacular event took place in April 2005, reminiscent of "Interfax". Since then look it up in the Moscow Kremlin hundreds of tourists come.Similar rituals existed already in the time of Ivan III, the tradition was followed until 1917. Then the ceremony was replaced by another one by jet of Honor at the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. The military form Karaulov is modeled on the parade uniform of the life guards regiments, which was established in the beginning of the last century by the decree of Nicholas II for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the victory in the war of 1812. Source: World celebrates international Museum day.

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