Vicious life girlfriend of George Clooney

Vicious life girlfriend of George Clooney 28-year-old girlfriend of George Clooney, Sarah Larson, previously worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. Now new photos surfaced that showed that before meeting with a famous actor girl liked to party, reports the Daily Mail.The journal Star posted a photo of the former model, where it hugs the legs man, pressing her to the wall in one of the Nightclubs. Picture was taken last July, a month after she met Clooney.Another photograph taken the next day at the party at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Larson, dressed only in a bikini is on all fours and licks the cover of a glossy magazine.Last year the press has already appeared spicy photo Larson made during the time when she was working as an advertising model in Amsterdam.Clooney and Larson met last summer at the Moon club in Las Vegas at a party dedicated to the film "Thirteen " ocean". Cute waitress was so liked by the actor that he asked her superiors to let her go on that night. In September, he first appeared to her in the light at the Venice film festival, and in February, the girl was accompanied by Clooney at the ceremony of "Oscars". Source: the Vicious life of the girlfriend of George Clooney (photos).

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