Zemfira was robbed in one of the shops

Zemfira was robbed in one of the shopsFor the theft of documents the singer Zemfira Ramazanova can frustrate private concerts, the fee for which was to be a round sum.Due to the fact that together with money from the famous singer stole the driver's license and passport, it will be difficult to leave Moscow.But the next week I remember a planned two corporate gig in Siberia. For taking part in such parties Ramazanova receives some of the highest fees in the Russian show business. Thus, for the week Zemfira may lose several hundred thousand dollars - a significant amount even for Zemfira of Talatona.Waiting- We are not yet aware of what happened with Zemfira in Moscow, waiting for her - said "TD" organizers of a concert of the singer in Novosibirsk.We will remind that on Monday the rocker robbed the store on Dorogomilovskaya street.- This strange type literally walked behind me, " said Zemfira at the police station. - I thought it was the paparazzi!PassportZemfira wrote a statement to the police, after which she was given a certificate instead of a passport. However, it is a temporary document it is impossible to restore a driver's license. For motorists, this is good news, because Ramazanova not only an avid car enthusiast, but also a frequent participant of road accident.- Without a license to operate the machine strictly forbidden, commented "th" policeman. But I think Zemfira kind of lady that can easily add to the list of violators.- I'm abroad, so not in the loop, " says Director singer Eugene. But in any case it is not fatal.And while the singer can only hope that her stolen passport is not opened with a half dozen companies and took a couple of loans. Source: Zemfira was robbed in one of the shops.

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