Tretyakov Buzova and separate to increase the rating

Tretyakov Buzova and separate to increase the ratingLast week there were rumors that became famous in "the House-2" Roman Tretyakov and Olga Buzova part. Themselves lovers of this information is not confirmed, but the long separation is clearly not the couple good.Recall, many months ago Roma left the project for family reasons and then never returned to TV construction site. Buzova continues to be a contestant on the show."We lost contact, estranged from each other, have a lot of business. I feel sorry to destroy the relationship that was built three and a half years, brick by brick. I believe that if we Roma are meant to be together, then we will," says now Buzova.And the mother of the girl Irina confident that the passion around the relationship of Roma and her daughter are forced on purpose, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg". According to the woman, the truth is that Roma want by all means to return to the project, and he wants to do."The organizers of the project want to persuade Roma to return - said Irina. - Even called me. But I think Roma is right, that does not want to do. He has already felt the taste of freedom, he now is very much work in Moscow. He has assembled a team of former participants, and they give concerts, corporate events, participate in different projects. Roma is well earned. Friends rent an apartment in the city center.Signed up to the gym after leaving the project, he lost 15 pounds, and now he's got some muscles. He's really handsome! But Olga does not want to leave, because he's writing his diploma at the University, and on "clearing" all day sitting at the computer - there it is convenient to do. Now, if she was given an apartment in the city, as promised in the beginning, they would with Roma lived together. All the "Oldies" promised housing. But at the last moment gave tori and Rasalu that suddenly once again fell in love with each other and even preparing for the wedding. And she's not even involved in the drawing of the apartment that the channel will bring one of the pairs. So if Roma get back to the project, Olia without it can be uninteresting to management. And it can "drain" on the ballot. Because it is clear that she has no one else to build relationships.Itself Irina believes that her daughter is not yet time to leave the project. "I had to leave on time, says mother Buzova. I've been saying all along. Now there is no point until I finish College. Organisers want to use the intrigue around the relationship of Roma and Oli, that started the rumors that they are breaking up. Guys will understand". Source: Tretyakov Buzova and separate to increase the rating.

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