Protection Stalin told the truth about his death

Protection Stalin told the truth about his deathEven 55 years after the death of one of the most legendary and significant personalities of national history around the name of Stalin are still a lot of unsolved mysteries.The chief did not like to approach people to himself, so memories of him can share a few units. Among them, the members of his personal guard, who called Joseph Vissarionovich Master.Konstantin Fedorovich Kozlov, who served as a guard at Stalin may 1947, said that after the death of the Secretary General the entire staff of his villas Near was urgently sent from Moscow. The Kozlov 22 April 1953 expelled in Vladimir - and then, as he says himself, he was lucky. According to the narrator, Beria handed them the tickets and ordered to leave. When one of the guards refused him for three days planted alone."In my opinion, if Stalin did something, not stolen by the killers, and those who had him regular access, - said Kozlov. - In my opinion, not just the son Sergo Beria said that everything the Pope himself could do. Remembering how we, the guards, discussing what happened then with Stalin, to say it straight: we came to the same conclusion that Stalin killed.".

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