Elizabeth II granted her grandson a knight's chin

Elizabeth II granted her grandson a knight's chinBritain's Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday announced that Prince William was appointed commander of the order of the Garter, reports Sky News. The Prince will be knighted at a ceremony to be held in June.William became thousandth commander of the order - the oldest chivalric order in the world. Currently the members of the order of the Garter are also Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Phillip, the children of the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.The order was established on 23 April 1348 by king Edward III. Since then, the head of the order, which is the king or Queen of the United Kingdom, announces the appointment of new members on this day - the Day of St. George. At a time members of the order of the companions - may be no more than 25 people. The royals can become additional companions of the order. Membership in the order of the garter entitles men to add his name to the title of "sir" and women "ladies.".

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