Decided favorites 61st Cannes film festival

Decided favorites 61st Cannes film festivalDisplay the shiny tape famous American actor and Director Clint Eastwood "Changeling" was marked by the seventh day of the 61st Cannes film festival.In this picture played well located at the peak of his creative career, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, ITAR-TASS reported.Triumphant reception of the new Eastwood film of the Cannes film festival makes it a favorite for winning the main prize of this largest and most prestigious film festival in the world.The events of the mystery Thriller "Changeling" occur in the 20-ies. Angelina Jolie plays the mother, which return a kidnapped child. Thus it seems that the child have changed. The film starred Amy Ryan and John Malkovich.In "Substitution" Clint Eastwood managed to combine the drama of the individual with a deep social analysis of the crisis of public authority. The fact that the film made on real facts, only enhances the sound.The Clint Eastwood movie participates in the Cannes film festival for the fifth time. "Starting his career as a Director 38 years ago, I thought it will not last long," said Eastwood on Tuesday during a press conference. "Now, however, I increasingly feel the need to say with the cameras what they think about the world today", - said the Director.In addition, one of the most spectacular events of the festival de Cannes critics call a demonstration last Tuesday documentary famous Serbian film Director Emir Kusturica, is dedicated to the legend of modern football, Argentine Diego Maradona.The picture included in the competition program of the film forum, was enthusiastically received by the audience and critics. The show was attended by Diego Maradona. Lifting the red carpet, the famous footballer and the Director exchanged a few football passes in front of photographers, reports RIA "Novosti".Maradona looked confident, dropped excess weight. With this player, a long-time drug users, answered the journalists ' questions quickly and accurately.Within two years, from 2005 to 2007, Kusturica was watching the legend of world football and created his portrait, paying attention not only on minutes of glory from the past, but also the dark periods in the life of a celebrity, such as preoccupation with drug use, obesity, and the recent launch of his political career."A unique documentary about the living legends, shot his biggest fan" - said on its tenth picture two-time winner of the "Palme d'or".On the background of the films Eastwood Kusturica and considerable frustration caused presented in Cannes on Tuesday, the second film in the main competition program - "Delta" of the young Hungarian Director Kornel, Mundruczo. He tells the story of two young people surrounded by a hostile world. The film takes place on the background of the river and filled the highest grandeur of nature. Made in dark colors, filled with despair, this tape is so-called "new Hungarian wave.".

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