With BBC Radio 4 presenter was acquitted of charges of rape

With BBC Radio 4 presenter was acquitted of charges of rapeThe court acquitted British radio presenter Nigel Wrench (Nigel Wrench) rape of a student, writes The Times.Recall that the 47-year-old presenter of BBC Radio 4 was accused of 1 January 2007 after the Christmas party he invited 27-year-old young man to his home, put him in champagne potent drug, and then used the swoon of his guest and raped him. However, judge Michael Shorrock (Michael Shorrock) decided that the evidence for conviction is not enough.According to the prosecution, at the party, the student went to the Ranch to talk about his career in radio. During the conversation, the presenter allegedly promised the opportunity to work in his radio show, and then invited the interlocutor cocaine. After that, the rench invited the young man to visit, promising to show his collection of paintings.According to the victim, arrived at the place, they drank, after which he became ill. When the young man awoke, he found that the naked and lying in bed, and radio host tried to put into his mouth some pill.Defendant, in turn, admitted that he along with the victim used cocaine and then took him to his home. He stated, however, that nothing in champagne is not added, and all actions were performed with the consent of the young person. Source: BBC Radio 4 presenter was acquitted of charges of rape.

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