Singers almost crippled man in the mountains

Singers almost crippled man in the mountainsFamous actor almost crippled man, descending on the ski slopes in Krasnaya Polyana.Dmitry Pevtsov only miraculously made a disabled single from tourists vacationing in the famous Russian resort.We're just lucky, " admits the artist. - If we each hit, both would have been screwed!In mid-February in the tour schedule, the actor had a few spare days, and Singers went to Sochi to ski.- I have long chosen Krasnaya Polyana, - says Dmitry. - Every year I try to come here. So this time Packed up and hit the road!TaranPeacefully vacationer tourist actor almost crippled when famously went down on one of the tracks.- Roll down the mountain, suddenly see across the path descends some "tea", - says Dmitry. - Try to stay no sense. I had to make a decision, and literally at the last moment I swerved, slid into a ravine and landed on left arm.Woke up actor-reckless driver in the snow.- Tried to move my left hand fingers... and couldn't: hurt like hell! says Singers. - I realized from the fracture.PainDmitry Pevtsov delivered in fracture clinic where he was put in plaster, after which the actor went from Krasnaya Polyana to recover in Moscow.- Started tour - shrugs actor. - Should work. Even with a broken arm.Tourist, miraculously escaped death, also hastened to leave the resort. Away from Pevtsov. Source: Singers almost crippled man in the mountains.

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