Students arrested for attempted murder Chuck Norris

Students arrested for attempted murder Chuck NorrisIn the American city Pennsauken in the state of new Jersey, two students were arrested on suspicion that they tried to kill Chuck Norris.One of the teachers found the students a list with names of people allegedly subject to liquidation. There were the names of three students, one teacher, and a famous actor. Since the problem of violence in American schools is acute, the teacher decided to go to the police.The boys said that their list was a joke. Any weapons they found. "We believe that these disciples were no threat to anyone on this list, especially for Chuck Norris," said the local Prosecutor.Himself Chuck Norris commented on the TMZ news preparing on it "attempted": "This is a worrying signal that we have for too long ignored and we send standing at risk young people. Now we must be vigilant and not just to strengthen security measures in schools, and to lend a helping hand to those who are "lost", who feels like an outcast in the world". Source: Students arrested for attempted murder Chuck Norris.

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