Lenin's body be buried outside Moscow

Lenin's body be buried outside MoscowLenin looked after final a place in the cemetery: at , near the village of SgonicoTalking about the upcoming burial of Lenin's body resumed. Team leader of construction of the Federal military memorial cemetery (FWMC) Sergey Goryaev in interview to the newspaper "Life" again said that this complex will be a place for the Communist leader.Federal memorial to be opened in 2010, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. And associated with the burial of Lenin question already overdue, says Goryaev. At the meeting of the organizing Committee devoted to the construction of the memorial complex, the possibility of reburial formally discussed, but the final decision is still pending. We are not talking only about Lenin, but also about other famous people buried in red square.A decree of the Federal military memorial cemetery", President Vladimir Putin signed in 2001. But with space for the memorial was finally determined only recently, by selecting the land for the ring road in the Mytishchi district, near the village of Sgonico (your location). The 53 hectares planned by 34 thousand graves.The authorities plan to establish a public cemetery of Russia, about the same national significance as Arlington for US, - says Sergey Goryaev. In the workshops already finish working on the sculptures of mourners that will be installed there.The memorial will be richly decorated. According to the architect Vitaly Chudnutie red-grey granite and bronze accentuate the merits of those who were buried there famous people.The status of the Federal memorial complex is designed for the disposal of statesmen, Heroes of Russia, Heroes of the Soviet Union, the knights of the order of St. Andrew the Apostle, of the order "For merits before Fatherland", of the order of Glory. There may be buried veterans, emergency workers, police and other law enforcement agencies, victims at execution of an office debt.The body of Lenin the Democrats demanded to rebury from the Mausoleum in the early 1990-ies. As a possible burial site called it home - the city of Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk, buried there by his father). The mayor of St Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak was willing to provide Ilyich place in the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg, near the grave of Lenin's mother. But Boris Yeltsin decided to keep the leader in the Mausoleum, reasoning that the story itself over time each will take its place.The Chairman of the Council of people's Commissars of the RSFSR Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin died in January 1924. The first wooden version of the mausoleum was built on the red square in seven days after his death. Five years later, the tomb was a stone. Source: Lenin's Body be buried outside Moscow.

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