The authors `Classified material-2` revealed the mysteries of the film

The authors `Classified material-2` revealed the mysteries of the film10 years after the last full-length version of the TV series "Secret materials" was released, its creators decided to reveal some of the secrets of a sequel, which should hit the screens on 25 July, reports Reuters.The film is not yet named, will delight the audience with the return of actor David Duchovny in the role of Fox Mulder, and Gillian Anderson for the role of Dana Scully, FBI agents involved in the investigation of paranormal phenomena.The film deals with Director Chris Carter, the Creator of all seasons of the TV series "Secret materials" from 1993 to 2002. "I know how I want to call the film, but Fox has its own ideas on that score," said Carter. The Director and his longtime colleague, writer Frank Spotnitz showed at the 25th annual Television festival William Paley the trailer for the new project.The audience saw a lot of snow, car chases, secret operation, the helicopters, the attempted kiss between Mulder and Scully, as well as a crushing blow with a bat, Scully inflicted on the enemy. The film will unfold in six years after he completed the events of the series.The picture will become an independent film, and a continuation of the television project - it will not develop the theme of alien invasion. However, the authors mentioned some aspects of the series. For example, will the child Scully with supernatural powers normal boy. "There's not really ideas of the series, however, all other requirements will be met," said Spotnitz. Source: Authors "the x-files-2" revealed the secrets of the film.

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