Elena Korikova was taken by ambulance from the set

Elena Korikova was taken by ambulance from the setShooting in the series require the artist maximum discipline and often takes the lion's share of time, so that the sleep and rest it. Some withstand such a frantic pace, but some require medical assistance.So, Elena Korikova, which plays a major role in the series "champion" last week I had the ambulance to take away from the movie set. Doctors made one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Russian cinema, the diagnosis of "fatigue".Recall that in "the Champion" Elena embodies the image of a domineering, cruel businesswoman. According to the actress, this role is not easy, and sometimes her artificially have to look excessive harshness, with the force.The day she was taken to the hospital, Korikova had to play a difficult scene. Actress makeup, read the script and was going to change. But on the set she never came out.Sent to the dressing room, the administrator found Elena in a deplorable state. Korikova was so bad that she could not get up from the couch, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". I had to urgently call the doctor.However, Korikova insisted that it came not the usual team of doctors and a doctor from elite clinic. Arrived specialist Pomeroy actress pressure, put on a drip.The expected improvement has not occurred, and Elena was sent to the hospital. A few days the actress was doing restorative procedures. As soon as Elena got better, she was released. But the actress went home, and again on the set. Source: Elena Korikova was taken by an ambulance from the set.

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