Britney Spears wants to return to a normal life

Britney Spears wants to return to a normal lifeSinger Britney Spears may still return to normal life. In the Western press started talking about it after she met with her former Manager Larry Rudolph.He is the Britney owes its dizzying career in show business. Larry Rudolph has worked with the singer for nine years, says Us Weekly."I know and you know Britney better than anyone. I know it's annoying, and I understand what she's going through, " said Rudolf about his relationship with the singer last year. I'll always be on the side of Britney".Recall that about a year ago, Rudolph and Spears stopped talking. Business and personal relations collapsed after Britney accused his Manager that he forced her to go into rehab.Since then, things Britney Spears did not go uphill. On the contrary, the star seemed to be quite "freaked out". But now everything is changing. After the Affairs of the singer began to fill the father, the life of Britney became more or less normal.Boyfriend-paparazzi and polydrug-promanager Sam Lutfi can no longer communicate with Spears, and she is obviously going to benefit. They say she is seriously thinking about the revival of his career."Britney wants to get back to work," said the family friend Spears. - Close to Britney people know that Larry is the best option for her. He is a man who can bring her on the right path".And just last week a meeting was held Spears and her ex-Manager. "They had a normal conversation, very warm and friendly. There was no hostility, " said the source. - Larry just wanted to see her. He's still very close to her family and genuinely cares about her and just wanted to spend some time with her". Source: Britney Spears wants to return to a normal life.

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