Michel Legrand will give a concert in St. Petersburg

Michel Legrand will give a concert in St. PetersburgThe famous French composer Michel Legrand will give the only concert in St. Petersburg.With songs of different decades and new compositions Legrand will perform in the Big concert hall "October", taking the composer, ITAR-TASS reported.Even one of the music for the film "the umbrellas of Cherbourg" would be quite enough for the name of Michel Legrand's left in the world music history. This however is just one of over two hundred films where the sound of the melodies of the Maestro.In his 76 years, he is one of the most renowned composers of our time. Three times he won an Oscar five times, was awarded the Grammy. Huge numbers went to different countries over a hundred of his albums.The Maestro has performed with such outstanding musicians as Frank Sinatra, Charles Aznavour, Oscar Peterson, Barbra Streisand, miles Davis, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Steve wonder. In St. Petersburg he played with remarkable performer of his songs Tamara Gverdtsiteli.The composer has repeatedly said that he loves to be in Russia, where he has many admirers. For outstanding contribution to the development of cinema at the Moscow international film festival the famous Parisian the first foreign cultural figures, was awarded the prize "Golden eagle".Michel Legrand was born in Paris on 24 February 1932. Despite his age, the master still goes on world tours. Legrand says that he always tries to create something "different from the previous one, something fresh: every morning - I'm different. My dream is to be fresh, new, different, full of hope. The greatest pleasure in my life is to learn, learn, learn...".

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