Zhigunov went back to ex wife

Zhigunov went back to ex wifeIt's been so much time since Sergei Zhigunov moved out from the apartment of a former lover of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, and he met with ex-wife and daughter.The only people that Sergei, apparently, want to see after he finished his great novel with Nastya, is obviously ex-wife Vera Novikova and a daughter Mary. Yesterday, the once happy family met in one of the capital's restaurants in the area of metro station "Mayakovskaya".In order not to disturb the idyll (and it most resembled communication Sergei, Faith, and their 16-year-old daughter Masha), the administration has kindly agreed to delay the closure of the institution and moved the ceremony of locking the door from 23.00 until midnight. Apparently, former members of the happy family has accumulated a lot of topics and they were ready to chat till morning.GapFor the past two months, as once in love with each other colleagues in the acclaimed TV series "My fair nanny" go everywhere exclusively alone. Sergey unaccompanied appeared on "Nike", Anastasia missed one at the awards ceremony MTV...To anybody and in a head could not come, what is the true reason solo social visits Nastya and Sergei. They were silent as guerrillas on interrogation. On the set of the series too, no one became suspicious: after all, masters of their profession Zhigunov and Zavorotniuk together are removed, and sometimes in very explicit scenes."Yes, we now live together with Nastya, - sparingly commented Sergey situation "Your DAY". ...NovelRoman Zhigunov and Zavorotniuk could well be the script for a sentimental series. Met Sergey and Nastya on the set of "My fair nanny" four years ago. By the way, contrary to many rumors that the actor fell in love at first sight, it was not so.For a long time Zhigunov was watching his companion. At that time Sergei was still happily married to actress Vera Novikova, with whom he raised two daughters, and her daughter was married to businessman Dmitry Strukova, with whom she had a son and a daughter. About a year ago Nastya and Sergei left their families formalizing the divorce."I can survive a divorce with Sergei," said wise Vera Novikova a year and a half ago, when "middy", with whom she lived happily married for 23 years, announced that he loves another.Sergey after the divorce has left a cottage in the village of Abramtsevo and settled in the apartment Zavorotnyuk in the "Mosfilm".Soon on the ring finger of Anastasia flashed a ring, which Zhigunov gave his beloved on your engagement. Nastya literally glowed with happiness, with her noticeably rejuvenated and tightened the famous "middy".NovikovaUnlike her husband of Anastasia Dmitri Strukov, Faith began to pour buckets of dirt on the partner of her husband on the set. Beautiful she is "nanny", of course, did not call, but he never allowed himself to comment on someone else's personal life.During this time Sergei only a few times were able to see their shared daughter. Zhigunov was congratulating her on birthdays, sometimes drove to the hospital when she was having health problems. Once even brought to light for the premiere of the animated film in a cinema "Pushkin".The restaurant at the Mayakovsky theatre was also a kind of premiere: for the first time Sergey, Faith and Masha were able to talk heart to heart, without restraint and secular smiles. To say that Zhigunov intends to return to his former wife, of course, he was still not healed after recent injury break with Zavorotnyuk. Sergei still remember in detail what they planned their wedding. But the fact that it is on the Upper shoulder now the actor is looking for solace, shows that 23 years of marriage can't be forgotten just like that.- Faith is very dear and near to me the person, - has shared with "TD" Zhigunov.Missed the family left the restaurant just after midnight. Departed former spouses on different machines in different directions. But, apparently, that the separation is not too long. Source: Zhigunov went back to ex wife.

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