My husband's parents Volkova insulted her by his absence

My husband's parents Volkova insulted her by his absenceThe father and mother of the businessman Parviz ignored the invitation of Julia Volkova and didn't go to her birthday.After waiting beloved parents for more than an hour, "the tattoo" had to start a holiday, and not waiting for congratulations from her husband's relatives.His 23rd birthday Julia Volkova noted in one of the elite restaurants of Moscow, inviting only the closest and dearest people. The event took place in a separate room, where the staff tried not to miss curious visitors. At the appointed time in the restaurant's parents arrived and a friend Volkova Lena Katina. The first glasses for health "tattoos" rose in a narrow family circle. But after about an hour the cheerful mood of the hero of the occasion began to deteriorate.- Julia booked a table for 15 people, " said the waiter of the restaurant. - All guests had to come to 18 o'clock in the evening. On the eve of Julia said she didn't want to collect noisy company and invited their parents, grandparents and closest friends.Parviz he came into the restaurant with half an hour delay and, without undressing, hurried to the table. Giving the wife a huge bouquet of roses, he congratulated the parents of Julia, not forgetting to apologize for the delay. Followed by Parviz in the restaurant came close friend of the birthday girl Sergey Lazarev, oderisi Julia gorgeous bouquet, the newspaper "Your day".I love this day, " said the singer. - Rarely able to get together, and birthday - excellent for this reason. I have collected all the most dear to my heart people. It is a pity that parents Parviz never came...As told by the people from the inner circle of the actress, the relationship between Julia and her husband have recently become very strained. Father Parviz believes that the daughter needs to leave the stage and devote her life to her family. But Volkov is in no hurry to finish with creativity and often appears at social events. Source: my husband's Parents Volkova insulted her by his absence.

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