The husband was brutally tortured Bulanova

The husband was brutally tortured BulanovaOn the eve of April fool's day April 1, someone prepares sophisticated jokes, and someone remembers how he became the victim of April fool's jokes.The second category includes singer Tatyana Bulanova, who once cruelly played husband Vladislav Radimov."He called me and scared voice said that the car crashed," said the singer. And I absolutely don't know where to go, who to call. First rushed to the phone to dial the number of "emergency", but then I hear laughter eldest son".It turned out the son of Tatiana Sasha guessed: it was a hoax. "I turn to him and see what he shows on the calendar, circled in red date April 1, - continued the story Bulanova. - To this informal celebration of humor, I am ambiguous. After all, the whole day must be careful. If earlier the jokes were good and really funny, now what's the catch will be tougher, the more the merrier all others. And it's wrong.".

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