The Russian delegation in the UN refused to listen to George Clooney

The Russian delegation in the UN refused to listen to George ClooneyA group of UN delegates, in particular from Russia and France, refused to listen at a meeting of the organization of the speech of the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney, the newly appointed Ambassador of peace by the United Nations.Writes about this on Friday the British Independent.Clooney - the last of the ambassadors to the UN from show business, and in this role he recently visited Darfur, seeing firsthand the conditions that, according to many observers, require the presence of some UN peace keeping forces. According to rumors, this is what the actor was going to tell the UN delegates in new York. Naturally, the press flocked EN masse to listen to the lecture Clooney before those who are invariably called "international community".However, before beginning his speech, the group of delegates - many suspect that at its head stood France and Russia stated that they do not want any American actor held several lectures about their political responsibilities. Or, as noted by a spokesman for the Russian mission to the UN, Maria Zakharova, "it's not right for Clooney forum. However, she added that "Russia fully supports the activities of celebrities, which promotes the role of the UN", writes the British newspaper.It is likely that this resistance could only give the emissary of the Putin government, which is known for its hard - if not "deadly" - a contempt for all that is dear to the West (and nothing is so expensive in the West as the film business), the newspaper notes. Definitely it is difficult to imagine that with such disrespect to blue blood "show-business" attitude of some British or American politician, indicates Independent. (Full article on the website Britain Gordon brown and David Cameron furiously competing for liking and blessing those who are called "celebrities". Musician and singer Bob Geldof - who, no doubt, is a significant figure and outside the recording Studio - must have lost count of the requests to join one or another of our major political parties.In America, Hollywood and politics are connected incestuous ties. For example, the stars of "the West wing" is now regularly asked to share their views on the various "real" presidential candidates, and doing it openly serious Newspapers.Los Angeles and California in General, is traditionally considered fertile ground for Democrats, so fight Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the blessings of representatives of Hollywood has acquired a special intensity and ferocity. And they in some way are absolutely right that worried about it: movie stars trust more than not trust to any policy - or any other group in society, says the British newspaper.Actors, if they are any good, I have the gift to make the audience believe in what they want to force them to believe. Greatest actors also have the ability to touch the feelings of the audience and create an extraordinary sense of intimacy. And few politicians want to have the same skills - and very few, such as Tony Blair, do have at least a small portion of such skills, the newspaper concludes. Source: Delegation of Russia in the UN refused to listen to George Clooney.

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