Employees fired for viewing the records Spears

Employees fired for viewing the records SpearsFor viewing medical records of Britney Spears will be fired 13 employees13 members of the Los Angeles UCLA medical center.Here in the beginning of the year was undergoing psychiatric treatment pop singer Britney Spears will be dismissed for violation of the privacy act, reports the Los Angeles Times.Six more physicians will receive disciplinary punishment for viewing data about the mental state of the singer a computer database.Peeping in the medical records Spears, doctors of the UCLA center violated state and Federal laws. The penalty for these offenses can be up to 250 thousand dollars. On Friday, the United States Department of health began investigating the activities of the medical center.Recall that in September 2005, several UCLA employees have already been convicted of illegal medical reports on the health status of Britney Spears. Then the singer was in office center in Santa Monica (Santa Monica) after the birth of her first son Sean Preston (Sean Preston)."I am very upset and disappointed," said Gerry Simpson (Jeri Simpson, Director of human resources office of the centre in Santa Monica, engaged in the investigation of the incident in 2005. "I thought we were doing everything possible to ensure the confidentiality of information about our patients. It's awful to feel that the situation repeated," added Simpson.Britney Spears was taken to the psychiatric ward of UCLA medical center January 31, 2008. The day after hospitalization, the singer was appointed guardian - her father and a lawyer. The court made a request to the UCLA center about the state of the Spears. Having seen the report of the doctors, the jury plan to decide on the capacity of the pop star. Source: Employees fired for viewing the records Spears.

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