Psychologists: Over a lifetime should not be more than 30 sex partners

Psychologists: Over a lifetime should not be more than 30 sex partnersPoliticians use any means to attract attention, sympathy, and possibly votes. But, possibly, the equipment used by Nick Clegg, is unprecedented.Nick Clegg leads the British liberal Democrats, a small and always a "third" party, after the British labour party and the conservatives.In an interview to the British edition of GQ magazine Clegg said that in all his life had been in bed with three dozen women. To clarify the interviewer, journalist Pierre Morgan, former editor of the Daily Mirror, one of the most scandalous Metropolitan publications, asked: "How many women can say with certainty that you are good in bed?" And when Clegg began in confusion to stutter, Pierre Morgan, quickly suggested: "10, 20, 30?" - leaving the phrase unfinished. "No more than 30," replied Clegg embarrassed, immediately adding: - a Lot less than 30".But the number has already been declared and immediately repeated in all media sources. 40-year-old politician, no different stunning looks, suddenly turned into a sex symbol Westminster.In Whitehall, the headquarters of the British government, began the discussion: how many women (or men, if the question were asked the lady or the girl you went to bed? He was followed by other questions: 30 sexual partners is a lot or not.In 2007 in 26 countries by order Durex conducted a study that has proven that life men is 13 partners, women - 7 partners. A study conducted by psychologist Norman brown of the University of Alberta has completed other results: in men, an average of 31 partner, in women, rarely, 9 partners.However, most research has proved that by answering such questions, people often lie. A significant number of men often exaggerate, women underestimate, trying to match the traditional ideal woman - pure and undefiled. The only remains faithful to the approval of the heroine Andie MacDowell in "Four weddings and a funeral". When asked how many men she lured to bed, Andy replied: "Less than Madonna, more than Princess Diana, I hope". Source: Psychologists: Over a lifetime should not be more than 30 sex partners.

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