Prince Harry Afghanistan became dearer to England

Prince Harry Afghanistan became dearer to EnglandPrince Harry, who had served in Afghanistan for the last two and a half months, admitted that he's actually not very fond of England and hates "all the nonsense", which writes the British press, Reuters reports.In an interview Harry said that he liked to be in the combat zone, instead of "sitting around" in the Royal castle at Windsor."I don't want to sit around in Windsor. I'm not so much like England - it's good to be away from the press, Newspapers and all the shit they write," said the Prince.Such statements Harry is unlikely to appeal to his supporters in England, the Agency said. English society has repeatedly condemned the behavior of the Prince. So, in 2005, was published photos showing Harry in Nazi uniform. In London, he constantly got in the lens, drunk dancing in Nightclubs with his girlfriend. Known and clashes Prince with his own father - Prince Charles - from Smoking cannabis.Harry is the first member of the Royal family that took part in military action since the Falklands war of 1982 between Britain and Argentina. In Afghanistan, the heir to the British throne was sent in December, provided that the media will keep information about his whereabouts secret until then, until 4 months of his military missions.In Afghanistan, Harry participated in operations against the Taliban: were involved in the adjustment of aircraft, carrying out fire support of ground units, carried the patrol fired at suspected militants. As marks bi-Bi-si, the Prince was in the same circumstances with his comrades in the regiment Gurkhas - Nepalese, who traditionally serve in the British army since the last century.Information about what the Prince is serving in the coalition forces, was leaked online from one of the American websites. The Royal family and the British commanders were afraid that the leakage of this information will lead to the fact that Harry will become a target for militants of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other Islamist organizations, but because the Prince was resolved to evacuate.According to British media reports, Prince Harry withdrew from the exercise, in which he participated together with co-workers, and sent to a military airfield.A few hours ago the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom said that Harry has already been sent to Britain on Board a military transport plane.The grandmother of the Prince, Her Majesty Elizabeth II, eve said that her grandson "did a good job in a very difficult climate." Source: Prince Harry Afghanistan became dearer to England.

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