The band's new album `Alice` presented in Green theatre

The band's new album `Alice` presented in Green theatreAt the concert of "Alice" in "B1" six months long ago, the audience came to their senses, counting ribs and teeth. Twelve men then filed a lawsuit for the protection of the club, accusing it of causing bodily harm.Rare concert of "Alice" could get away without a bruise from capowski batons: too nervous guards are traditional for fans of "Alice" fire-show. Actually, her concerts somewhat similar to football matches. And not only euphoria. A huge amount of pyrotechnics, Imperial flags and nationalist-minded citizens at concerts stadium tends to normal.However, in the Green theater in Gorky Park, the guards paid little attention to themselves, not responding to traditional violations of fire safety rules. Probably because the bulk of the army of fans of "Alice" still continued to be peace-loving longhairs with benches Chistoprudny Boulevard, the happy owners of wristbands with Choi and backpacks with "Anarchy". Add that to the fans of Russian rock well over forty, with streaks of gray and children, and you will receive a part of the audience of the concert on the new album "Alice" "Eric Clapton".Actually, for the public to observe at this concert was almost more interesting than what is happening on stage. Konstantin Kinchev thanks to a healthy lifestyle over the years, almost unchanged, concert repertoire, too, so the new songs seemed only a pleasant addition to the bulk of the hits. But people obviously came to the ritual and themselves created. By participating in the ritual, they then simultaneously knelt on Zuevskiy "good night", then simultaneously lit checkers-flares. As usual, Mr. Kinchev not fulfilled quiet lyrical songs like "Rain", preferring recognizable boevichki.Despite crawling from the river the cool, the leader of the "Alice" so roused the audience that in the course of action at the site was observed, more and more naked to the waist of young people. A chorus of "the Sky of the Slavs", "My generation", "Pariah" and other hits were sung by the audience with such fierce dedication, what can be observed is that in competitions the marching songs or collections of religious sects.Konstantin Kinchev have long leads from the stage preaching in the favourite 80's pose "a crouched position-polyspast", and a couple of years ago he received the official blessing of the ROC. Since then, he began to issue on-mountain software philippic against "beast" - the Chechen terrorists and for the faith and Fatherland, and then completely supralocal quotations from the Scriptures. New song from the album is the traditional "Alice" militancy meat hard rock with an active civil position and hazy lyrics. For example, the song "April" with lines like "my life read death aloud in the language of fire" has caused many in the Green theater hard to think about what she's written. Immediately after she performed the song "the Yoke of love" from the previous album "Become the North", which traditionally ended with the departure of the musicians backstage and drum solo by Andrey Vdovichenko.At the end of the concert the musicians twice went for an encore, finally bringing the audience into a frenzy on another cover of "Cinema" - "Songs without words". The final chord was the song "We are together", in which fans finally toggle remnants of fireworks. But fans of the Nazi aesthetic was a pleasant surprise. On the song "Power," Mr. Kinchev rose above the crowd on the podium six-meter, decorated with red-white-and-black flag, where instead implied swastika adorned with star-shaped letter "A". At the St. Petersburg concert in February at this point in the programme was a giant penis that watered the audience with fake semen. But Moscow sperm is not enough. Source: the band's New album "Alice" presented at the Green theater.

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