Alexander Yakovlev in style to celebrate the birthday

Alexander Yakovlev in style to celebrate the birthdayThe birthday celebration Yakovlev took place in one of the Mexican restaurants in Moscow. Among the invited guests could see the family of the singer, sound producers and close friends, including from the world of show business.The hero of the occasion thoroughly prepared for the birthday celebration. In its programme "to warm up" he turned crazy race in karting in the heart of Moscow. Yakovlev and his guests staged a battle for life and death.Thank God no one was hurt. And the birthday boy even won, which is not surprising. The winner went up on the podium, poured champagne all together with the guests, went to eat at a restaurant. But entertainment is not over and, performing for the audience a few songs from his own repertoire, Yakovlev was replaced on the stage of the Latin-American ensemble, whose performance was a gift to a close friend of Alexander. The main dish on the table was marble beef with mushroom sauce with truffles cooked by a special recipe of the singer."I am showered just crazy the amount of texting. I think so many messages I never received. says of this special day Alexander himself - Well, what's a birthday without gifts? In celebration of all guests, without exception, has given me some useful trinkets, fine bottles and exclusive car accessories. A close friend, DJ leading radio station, gave grille for my car that was recently stolen. The biggest surprise for me was that for everything that happens in the restaurant I don't have!? My friends secretly caught up with the accounts. Also among the gifts was a leather gadgets, a toy helicopter and a set of Cuban cigars. As I remember all diverged with difficulty, but it is obvious that the festival was a success!!!" Source: Alexander Yakovlev in style to celebrate the birthday.

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