Bush spoke about the hardship of the White house

Bush spoke about the hardship of the White houseU.S. President George W. Bush gave a video interview exclusively for Internet users. The American leader spoke on different topics, for example, admitted that in the White house he misses his computer to email friends email.The conversation was recorded in the White house.In an interview, Bush was asked what he would do once again get access to your computer. Reporters asked the White house "computer" question once during the interview I learned that in the oval office of the White house - home the office of the President of the United States - no computer, and that the American head of state for security reasons completely banned the use of computer mail."I'll be in touch by email with your buddies," said the US President. He said that before he entered the White house, very often used the computer for correspondence. "I remember that, as Governor, I will maintain contact with many people throughout the country, "firing" of the message by e-mail at any time of the day to keep contact with my friends," said the US President."One of my purchases while in public service is a group of friends - many friends. I want to maintain contact with them, and to communicate with them, there is no better way than email," - said Bush.Not without issues on the topic of Iraq. George Bush confirmed that the war in Iraq was the reason for not playing Golf. "I don't want mom whose son was killed recently, was seen as the commander in chief playing Golf," said Bush. The US President stressed that the game of Golf in while the country is at war, would be "the wrong signal"."I feel that I owe it to the families (of the victims) and the obligation to be in solidarity with them as I can. I think playing Golf during a war is to send the wrong signal", - quotes RIA of "news" Bush. The White house confirmed that he had taken this decision after the death of the head of the UN mission in Iraq, Brazilian diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello, who was killed in the attack in the bombing of the building of the mission in Baghdad on 19 August 2003."I remember when de Mello, who worked for the UN, was killed in Baghdad. When these killers took the life of a good man, I played Golf. This was in Central Texas, and I was lifted from the area to play Golf, and I said that this (playing Golf) you must not do," said Bush.Fully video interview with Bush for Internet users posted on the news page of Yahoo, and its transcript - on the political website the online publication Politico. Source: Bush spoke about the hardship of the White house.

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