Meladze `molested` 17 fans

Meladze `molested` 17 fansNot every day in the Palace "Ukraine" there are such bizarre events. Valery Meladze gave in Kiev two concerts in a row. On Saturday, his performance fans will remember for a long time.The singer was in high spirits - first said that he was going to sing but and long and informative chat with the audience.He kept his promise, after each song professing his love for the city of Kiev and Kiev, but was mostly busy with kisses. Meladze, apparently, has set a record for the number of bouquets presented to him. Flowers literally carried continuously and the performance lasted about two hours. Daryl and long-legged girls in spring-short skirts, and fans of pre-school age, and men of different generations.One of the giver was, according to Meladze, the son of his classmate: "That's such a tall young man, and I still remember his baby - it's awful!" - joked the singer. This chaos happened in the middle of the concert during the song "the Ocean and three rivers" (he sang this hit together with "VIA Gras") Meladze appealed to the female audience with a request to come on stage to help with vocals.In the end, Valery helped seventeen Kyiv residents, each of which could apply for the position of the participant of "VIA gra". Meladze had to literally play the role of the pole - groupies wriggled around him with evident pleasure. Their companions, remaining in the hall, tried to pretend I wasn't jealous. Especially notable was a fan - girl gracefully crossed his shoulder to the idol, writes the Ukrainian newspaper "Today".Generally, eroticism was enough - almost every song was accompanied by a video with lots of half-naked female bodies. the Male part of the audience was glued to the screen above the stage, almost oblivious to the Meladze. The singer after her performance of "Three rivers" on stage had a glass of wine. Encore was sung "Sir", and then Meladze admitted that the rest of the evening will be to drink for the Ukrainians.Meladze in Kiev seemed perfectly peaceful person. However, not long ago, the singer admitted that he is able to show its character: "To aggression can bring me true. The story was when one of the Moscow Newspapers learned that my mother was hospitalized. Journalists dressed in white robes, came to the hospital. Deceiving my mother, took her interview, photographed in a hospital gown... Well, at that point I was not in Moscow, because that probably would have done something stupid. I asked my driver to buy a bat and waited for the return to the capital. But then calmed down". Source: Meladze "harassed" 17 fans.

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