Young stars coming on the heels of the old-timers Hollywood

Young stars coming on the heels of the old-timers Hollywood Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman aren't girls. When they "get in the flow" who will come in their place ? Who we'll be cheering tomorrow ? Meet the five young Actresses today who are already close to the top.One of the main contenders - Aishwarya Rai - "proud Indian", says the magazine Sim...In 1994, Aishwarya became the winner of the title miss India. In the same year, she wore the crown of miss world. According to rumors, the unofficial host of this contest Richard Steinmetz, captivated by the beauty of the girl, he immediately made her a lucrative offer of an intimate nature. Indian it categorically rejected, saying that she is a professional model and is not going to become a professional kept.In 1997, Rai made her debut in films. Her career quickly went downhill. After starring in the film "Devdas" (2002 ), which grossed a record for the amount of Indian cinema, Aishwarya became the highest paid actress of bollywood."Devdas" was shown at the Cannes film festival. Appearing on the red carpet in an orange Sari, Ash stole the show Western stars. Fascinated with Julia Roberts called her "the most beautiful girl in the world". Obviously, this opinion was shared by the top managers of the largest companies (Pepsi, Coca Cola, L'oreal, Gucci, Armani), year after year, trusting Paradise to advertise their products. But thousands of fans around the world ready to seriously argue about its divine origin.But the main top - Hollywood - remains for Aishwarya unconquered. The projects "dream factory" - "Bride and prejudice, mistress of spices", "the Last Legion, in which Rai participated, has not yet made her a star of the first magnitude... the Next attempt is not far off PH has already been approved for the lead role in similkameen "Pink Panther," which will be released in 2009. Her partner will become a famous comedian Steve Martin.Alice Braga is a Brazilian miracle...Being the niece of a famous Brazilian actress Sonia Braga, Alice often accompanied the aunt on the set. No wonder the girl since the childhood dreamt to become the actress. From the first grade, she played in school plays and starred in advertising.In 1998, Braga received his first role in the movie "Springboard", but the real breakthrough on the big screen she made in 2002, played in the film "City of God". For this work, Alice was awarded the highest film award of the country - she was awarded the Grand Prix Cinema Brasil as "the best actress".This was followed by critically acclaimed film "Lower city" (2005). In it Braga played the role of prostatocystitis, fall in love in two men. The film is full of blatant sexscene. For greater believability Director Sergio Machado hired for Alice teacher bed movements. Postanovschitsa of stripdance Fatima Toledo taught Alice to move your pelvis, hips and other parts of the body so that you could see a real passion.Alice admitted that two hour training session "love muscle" in the day had been exhausting. In addition, before each scene, she had to do monotonie exercises with a partner. But the talents of a young actress has not gone unnoticed - in February came the film "I am legend" in which it was the company itself will Smith. Now the Brazilian is preparing to shoot in a futuristic Thriller Repossession Mambo, where her partner will be Jude law and forest Whitaker. Her career is clearly on the rise, and allows youth to aim for the highest goals.Megan Fox - shocking American...In 1999, 13-year-old Megan went to seek his fortune in Hollywood. Her film debut was two years later in the movie "holiday in the Sun". For a long time the Fox was content to secondary roles - in particular, played up Lindsay Lohan in the film "Star stage".World fame was brought to her participation in last year's blockbuster "transformers", which brought together about 700 million dollars in worldwide box office. Almost before famous, Megan began to shock the public. For example, said he personally knows "all five people in Hollywood who don't use drugs". Advocated for the legalization of marijuana, adding that she tried, but the special joy not experienced. Admitted that he lost his virginity at the age of 15 and since then no day can not live without sex. "Many's why I don't understand," she complained in an interview. - Primarily women. Some of them called me a whore. It's very disappointing.".

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