Isabella Rossellini starred in `Green porno`

Isabella Rossellini starred in `Green porno`Famous model and actress, always noted for his courage in choosing movie roles, in 55 years, seems to have outdone herself.Made his debut in direction, taking off a few one-minute films designed for computer screens and mobile phones. And played in each of them the main role - Firefly, spider, Strekoza and other insects male. In a suit or other insect Isabella first talks about the specifics of his sex life, and then copulates pretty smartly with the layout of the corresponding females, continuing to make the necessary explanations... a Project entitled "Green porno" was a great success at festivals in Sundance and Berlin, and in early may will be available for viewing on the websiteOnce Rossellini was a style icon, and now portrays snails.- I was always interested in the behavior of insects. Not only their sex life, although she is very funny, isn't it? says the daughter of great parents, Director Roberto Rossellini and Hollywood legend Ingrid Bergman. And here is a television channel owned by the Sundance film festival, invited me to shoot short films for his website. The theme for these shorts I was very catchy. And that can attract the attention of the audience better than sex? Since the Institute Robert Redford's Sundance is very concerned about the environment, I immediately decided that the title will be the word "green". And there were "Green porno" project for our young friends - mosquitoes, flies, worms...- Why do you play males?- Because in the mating males is active. The spider, for example, just sits in her web and catch flies. It is uninteresting to play. Here the spider is another matter! I myself did not know that he has no penis, and he paws puts the sperm into a female's vagina. Which also tries to eat it! The natural world is so amazing!- What animals was the most difficult to portray?Perhaps the worm. Within a few hours I was completely paralyzed in his costume. Occurred almost claustrophobic feeling. Playing mantis is an insect-chameleon - I had to constantly change the coloring. Plenty of time left to remove the makeup, skin irritation and I do not say! Costumes insect cut out from paper. Outfit flies the size I had to make, probably the hardest. Even transport it to the Studio was a big problem. But what was I to do it in hard sex!- Feature film expect from you?- I have no ambitions of becoming a Director. In "Green porno" until 8 films, and I want to continue this cycle. If the site will be visited enough, I think I will provide such an opportunity. I hope that all who will search the web straight porn, you will find there, and our "green". Maybe I'll do a similar project on crabs, clams... There I have the script and about dogs."Do you want to play the dog?- Hmm, in this scenario so far for me. But who knows?Isabella Rossellini- You are more than 10 years been the face of the cosmetic Empire "Lancome". People didn't used to watch you in such species. You're an icon, you have the noble, elegant image.- Yes, this advertising campaign was very successful, and in the minds of many, I left her face... But those who will look at my filmography, you'll see that I did a lot of experimental, risky films. But to really know me primarily as a model.- You did not hurt?- No way! Fame, which I acquired in that capacity, helped me in millions of different cases, including in the process of working on "Green porno"! I from his youth wanted to make a comic short film about animals, but my reputation has allowed me to finally do it.- We will see you at the cinemas or on mobile phones?- No, I recently starred in a pair of paintings. One, titled "Two lover", took James gray has put a "Little Odessa". I play there with Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix. Coming soon and "the Accidental husband" - eccentric Comedy, where I play the wife of newspaper magnate, is very rich and arrogant lady. The film was made by a former actor Griffin Dunne, and the main role in it was played uma Thurman.- You love to star in comedies?- (Thinks.) No, not particularly. It's not my favorite genre. Itself on this don't go to the movies. Just Griffin is my friend, and why not play along with Uma?.. But no, it's great when you manage to work in a variety of genres. Just closer to me the humor of "Green porno", and the Hollywood romantic Comedy for me bored to death.Isabella RosselliniPERSONAL BUSINESSIsabella ROSSELLINI. She was born June 18, 1952 in Rome. Gained fame as a model, was a journalist. Made his film debut in 1976 in the film, Vincente Minnelli's "a Matter of time", where he played along with his mother, Ingrid Bergman. Not wanting to be a glamorous diva on the screen, choosing unconventional roles in risky projects independent Directors. Among the husbands and Boyfriends actress - Martin Scorsese, Mikhail Baryshnikov, David Lynch, Gary Oldman. Her name is still in the ratings of the most beautiful women in the world. Has a daughter Elettra. Also adopted the boy after the father called Roberto. Source: Isabella Rossellini starred in "Green porno"".

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