Died an American theoretical physicist John Wheeler

Died an American theoretical physicist John WheelerDied a theoretical physicist John Wheeler (John A. Wheeler) was one of the creators of the atomic bomb and the author of the term "black hole", according to the AP.Wheeler, as told by members of his family, died 13 April 2008 of pneumonia at the age of 96.Wheeler was born on 9 July 1911 in Jacksonville, Florida. Getting 1932 doctoral degree in physics, Wheeler went to Denmark, where he joined the team at the Niels Bohr won the Nobel prize in 1922.In early 1939, Wheeler returned to the United States and during the Second world war worked on the Manhattan project to develop the atomic bomb. Later Wheeler took an active part in the development of the hydrogen bomb in the framework of the project "the Matterhorn".Since the mid-1950s, John Wheeler was involved in the problems of relativistic astrophysics and gravitation theory, identifying, in particular, the framework of geometrodynamics, studying the structure of space-time small scale. In 1957 at one of the conferences Wheeler first proposed the term "black hole" to describe a space object, the resulting relativistic gravitational collapse of massive bodies.C 1938 to 1976, Wheeler served as Professor of physics at Princeton University, and in 1976 he accepted the offer to head the Centre for theoretical physics the University of Texas. While teaching Wheeler his pupils were such prominent American physicists like Kip Thorne (Kip Thorne), Hugh Everett (Hugh Everett) and Richard Feynman (Richard Feynman) - Nobel laureate, 1965. Source: Died an American theoretical physicist John Wheeler.

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