Ireland will present on `Eurovision` puppet Turkey

Ireland will present on `Eurovision` puppet TurkeyThe people of Ireland voted for their country at the "Eurovision" was the hero of a children's program, puppet Dustin the Turkey.This choice has caused resentment among the winners of the contest, the singer Dana, who has urged Ireland to refuse to participate in the contest. Previously against the nomination of Dustin was an Irish composer and the author of two winning Eurovision songs Frank McNamara, who called the decision "absolutely shameful", reports the BBC.Career Given began in 1970 when she won Eurovision with the song All Kinds of Everything. The singer is sure that now the competition is in serious danger. "I think it makes a mockery of the competition. If we think it's so funny, let's will not participate in the competition," she said, adding that it is impossible to put the Turkey it one stage with musical performers, who are desperately trying to break into the music industry.Since the early 90's Dustin became the star of the show channel RTE DIN. Its creators believe that the song Irelande Douze Pointe will appeal to European audiences. According to the Deputy chief editor of the channel RTE Julian Vignoles, this year people wanted something new. "Over the years, the competition has changed, it became modernity, interactive voting has transferred it to another level," he said.Meanwhile, a Turkey puppet already released three music albums and numerous singles, including a song with a funny name "Turkey in motion". On the Turkey contest will perform at the music competition the song called Ireland Douze Points, which mentions the soloist U2 Bono and the story of how British TV presenter Terry Wogan, known for his caustic comments about the "Eurovision", apologised to the Irish dance show Riverdance. The final of the Eurovision song contest -2008 will be held in Belgrade on 24 may 2008. Source: Ireland will present at Eurovision Turkey puppet.

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